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The roadmap and core values

Since the moment when our team started to talk about creating a Tezos PFP project, our main priority was to create differentiated arts to delight Tezos community. Some of us do not have experience on NFTs (such as our incredible artist, who is just getting onboard on this wonderful community), but half of the team is completely passionate about crypto and the way Tezos blockchain supports the cleanest NFTs!

Acting as a team, learning together and with the feeling that we are creating something meaningful, we could define our mission as the Big Foot Mafia:

logo big foot (1).png

Make high quality arts with accessible fees, big foot community is for all of us 

act as a community with our core values as our foundation: respect, talent, adventure and freedom


We set up the steps of our BFMC project linked to some key measures achievements and not necessarily deadlines. All these measures are followed on the team weekly meeting and our priority is to define action plans to improve the performance.

Our Key Performance Indicators:

  • # of active community members, our explorers

  • % of sold arts 

  • Floor price evolution

As the MAFIA team, we will never bite off more than we can chew (well, as the beast). Therefore, our Roadmap will be under regular review and we include only what is possible to be delivered, based on the KPIs performance


Project launch and first interactions with early explorers

1. Project kick off, team defined, Twitter launch, 1st interactions with the community of early explorers

2. Communication strategy definition

3. 1st whitelist rounds through Twitter campaigns & Tezos projects partnerships


Focus on whitelist and development

4. Focus on whitelists rounds and community engagement

5. Discord launch


Pre sale and public sale

6. Pre sale for early explorers on whitelist

7. Public sale


During the third quarter, bringing partnerships and real use cases are our main priority.


  • All Big Foot Mafia Club holders have 10% of discount at

  • Partnership with Jaguar Identification Project to raise funds for their program (

  • Partnership with other NFT projects, communicated in our internal Discord

  • Airdrops to support the next phase of the project


  • Free Get Together for holders in Lisbon​

  • 2D Metaverse, a platform for holders to interact through expeditions and have fun!

This is just the beginning, explorer! Take your boots and prepare your tent because the Big Foot is ready for the reveal!

See you on the camp!

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