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Chapter 9 - The new land

@thebigholder21 wakes up with a pain on his right shoulder like he’d been hanged by the arm for too long. He tries to remember how he ended up there... He remembers trying to set up the bait for Big Foot and while doing it, seeing this shadow grab him, that’s when it all got blurred and he doesn’t have any further memories.

As he tries to wake up he realizes he’s laying face down in the forest, in a place he never saw before. There’s a huge campfire (probably the coolest one he’s ever seen) and some used tools-like utensils made of wood.

He suddenly understands he can only be at the ‘BF Land’ and he feels super excited, but when he realizes he’s all alone in there, the fear is inevitable.

@thebigholder21 then touches his ankle and confirms that his flare gun is still there, attached to his ankle with two refills, so he feels better and start to make up a strategy to try and leave as quickly as possible.

He knows the Campers will be out looking for him so to wait until the sun is down and shoot the flare would increase the chances of being found. The only thing is…. What if BF returns before that?

Meanwhile at the camp, the explorers prepare the expedition to find @thebigholder21.

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