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Chapter 6 - The Encounter-vocalization, whistle vibration, howls, grunts, zipper noise, tree knocks

(6/7) #BFMCstory. The Camper, Arnout, mentions they had been in the woods for 3 days when late in the afternoon the group starts to hear a whistle vibration followed by tree knocks and loud grunts. They look around and keep walking towards the noise. This is when a deafening howl is heard that keeps coming closer and closer. As Arnout runs to protect himself he knocks on a group of twisted tree limbs in the forest and passes out to wake up hours later in panic.

The group calms Arnout down, they leave him to rest in the Camp and get ready to head to the place indicated. As they approach the site, they can already see some weirdly twisted tree limbs.

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