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Chapter 4 - It's showtime!

(4/7) #BFMCstory. It's 4am in the morning and the MAFIA group is already getting ready for their expedition together with Code and two other Campers. Everyone sort of knows what they are looking for, but most importantly, they know how in disadvantage they are considering this large bipedal animal, between 6 to 10 feet tall and with reflective eyes (most likely), indicating that it has a much better night vision than humans. It could have reddish brown, grey or black fur and run at about 60km/h.

That does not intimidate the team, however, as that is the moment they have all been waiting for.

Something, however, is bothering the team, as they have the constant feeling of being watched while packing their stuff. “It’s just the other Campers”, says AF, trying to ease the team, but actually feeling it stronger and stronger.

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