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Chapter 3 - Getting acquainted

(3/7) #BFMCstory. The Campers (as they call themselves) are unbelievably organised. The camp has everything they need, from water to cans of snuff to help explorers stay alert. Internally, they have their own schedule where teams are split and every week a new group of Explorers adventures into the wild in what they call Expeditions.

Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned...

There was this group of 6 people, all of whom had been in previous expeditions already, however they did not come back when expected. Four days later, they were found lifeless with their bodies in ‘inhumane’ positions just by their tents. They were clearly under attack as all of them cut their way out of the tents with a knife through the back, instead of leaving through the zipper in the front.

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