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Chapter 18 - The end or the new beginning?

While preparing for the big expedition to a distant forest to find Big Foot’s daughter, the campers remember the tough and fun times since the beginning of this journey. The full moon nights around the firecamp, drinking beers and eating marshmallows.They’ve been in the camp for months now and since then, they faced both desperation and hope. What remains after such a long journey are the friendships made along the way.

The tracking to the NutETH forest takes days. During the way, the campers had time to reflect about the next steps in the camp: “- Look how things are, we all thought that the Big Foot was a dangerous creature, when actually humans are the ones putting him and his family in danger. We need to give back what was taken from him. Even if that means going to distant places, exploring alternative ways. TEZ forest will always be our base camp. And the starting point and a must have for all Big Foot explorers.”

The sunset comes on the horizon. A sign shows their destination, which is just one more step of the way: NutETH forest. The Big Foot opens his arms as if something good was to come… The campers look at each other with a half smile on their faces.

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