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Chapter 17 - The Nuteths forest

@bfmc_AF was about to grab its knife when @bmfc_lucci_A screams: “- Wait! He is trying to show us what happened” and continues, asking directly to @bfmc_AF, “- Has the girl been taken away by men?”

Big Foot walks in circles in the cabin while a tear runs from his face. At the same time, @_FirstRain_ gets the map on the table, trying to interpret the message the Big Foot is trying to share:

- He needs our help. He won’t let us go without giving him what he wants. Someone took his little girl.

@bfmc_AF is completely terrified by the situation, thinking that they are now hostages until Big Foot decides otherwise. That’s when @bmfc_lucci_A tries to calm down the campers and joins @_FirstRain_, analysing the map on the table:

- There’s only one way of us getting out of this, campers. We need to find his kid.

@_FirstRain_, despite agreeing with @bmfc_lucci_A, makes fun of this unpleasant situation:

- Yeah, sure, we just need to talk to a Big Foot to discover… Oh, but wait, the Big Foot doesn’t talk!

At the same time, suddenly the Big Foot leaves the cabin trying to find something. The campers follow him and he gives them a nut. It wasn’t an easy charade, but @bfmc_AF solves it at the first second:

-The nutETHs forest!

The campers realize that the search for the legend is only beginning.

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