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Chapter 16 - The story behind the girl drawing

@_FirstRain_, @bfmc_AF, @bmfc_lucci_A and @sweettezos start to follow BF as he enters his cabin. The humanoide seems to have been trying to say something all this time and the campers are curious but also vigilant.

The cabin is rounded with a huge fireplace in the center, a place to sit and something looking like a carpet which looks like BF’s bed. On top of the fireplace there are drawings of what seems to be the same big foot girl as of the rock they saw earlier.

BF walks in and grabs a large, rolled piece of paper and opens it up on the top of the ‘table’ in front of the fireplace. The team gathers around it as they are shown this incredible detailed map of the whole area.

BF points at the drawing and then points it at a specific place in the map as @_FirstRain_ tries to translate - “is this girl there?” to what he continues to point at the place.

@AuRo404 then asks, “but why is she lost?”

That’s when BF jumps and grabs @sweettezos by the neck giving the camper no opportunity to fight. While holding the camper by the neck BF points at him, with anger in his eyes.

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