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Chapter 15 - The BF secret

Atualizado: 5 de nov. de 2022

The first one to carefully get into the open space after cutting through the twisted bushes was @_FirstRain_ - and she sees the unimaginable. There they are, @IndoSilverNFTs, @marco_port and @Cody2Thumbz, all three trapped in a huge cage. They looked like they had seen better days and the moment they spotted her all they could do was wave “go away”.

Too late, by then @sweettezos, @bfmc_AF, @bfmc_lucci_A and @AuRo404 were through the bushes as well.

As they walk towards their friends, @IndoSilverNFTs, @marco_port and @Cody2Thumbz start to gesticulate for them to move away - the humanoide is moving towards them! @sweettezos suddenly grabs the rope from his backpack, but before they see it BF is standing in front of them.

@sweettezos still tries to lace it, but @AuRo404 says “look, there’s something in his hand!”

Indeed BF is holding something. It looks like a flattish rock with a drawing?!

They realize the humanoide is approaching really slowly now and showing whatever is in his hand…

“It’s a big foot girl drawing!”, @bfmc_AF says!

They look to each other and they finally realize: BF is also on an expedition!

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