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Chapter 14 - Talks at the campfire

Before the group of @sweettezos, @bfmc_AF, @bfmc_lucci_A, @AuRo404 and @_FirstRain_ started the new expedition, @_FirstRain_ asked @bfmc_AF and @bfmc_lucci_A about the other camp they visited before and if there were any campers left who could join. They told about Arnout who stayed at that camp to recover from his experiences with the BF.

Since all know that the BF is huge and fast they agreed to stop by at this other camp first because being 6 is better than 5, right? When they arrived at the other camp, Arnout was sitting around the campfire. He looked nervous but smiled as soon as he saw the group of 5. He told that he haven't heard anything from the others in a while but that he saw a light in the sky that only could be of a flare gun two nights ago.

The group of now 6 sat around the campfire, ate marshmallows, drank some whiskey and discussed the next steps to rescue all the other campers. Early in the morning they started to the place where thebigholder21 wanted to trap the BF. The group collected all the remaining snuff they could find. They also found some water and a first aid kit and packed this in their backpacks. After this they followed the tracks of the other campers to find them. @sweettezos was really good in reading tracks, which is why the group was able to move on fast. After a while they came to a place where the tracks lead in two different directions. @bfmc_lucci_A asked if the group should split as well to find the others. But @_FirstRain_ said that this wouldn't be a good idea - because they would need the abilities of everyone to rescue the others and she didn't want to lose more of the group. So they voted which direction they should take first - 5 to 2 for left. But before the group took this way, @AuRo404 suggested to take a break first - the group already hiked 5 hours through this forest. Everyone agreed and they ate some food, drank some water and had some good talks. The group seemed to be a bit more relaxed again. So they continued their expedition after one hour, hoping to find their friends soon (and the BF?)...

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