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Chapter 13 - Meanwhile, women power at the campfire...

Meanwhile, a new group of women arrives at the camp and sees a note with a map indicating the location to where the whole group went which says “in case we’re not back in 48h please come and look for us”. As they sit around the campfire, @_FirstRain_ @RubisCO, @bfmc_lucci_A and @bfmc_AF discuss why the hell it’s taking them so long to come back.

@_FirstRain_ takes the crown from @bfmc_AF, puts on her head and says:

“- As the camp queen, I think we should go and look for these guys. I am starting to think that the Big Foot has them…”

@RubisCO and @bfmc_lucci_A agree with @_FirstRain_, but all @bfmc_AF is able to think about is how to recover the crown from @_FirstRain_. "- How come it is so natural for her to become the camp queen?..."

Together, the group of women decide that the colleagues might need some help and decide to go on a new expedition to look for the missing campers.

They start to prepare a plan to find the missing guys and @RubisCO reinforce the importance of having crucial items to go on a successful expedition: axe, knife, water and food, sleeping bag. @bfmc_AF laughs and says: well, I'm a degen as you know, I don't have any knife but the marshmallow and the whiskey are in my backpack, just in case…

The group of women starts to prepare the strongest expedition the camp has ever seen to rescue their fellow capers from the deep forest.

@hank77 hears everything from his tent and immediately decides to join the team.

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