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Chapter 12 - A New Camp?

As they walk towards the flash light, the Campers split into two teams. @marco_port and @Cody2Thumbz go to the right, where the woods get very dense at some point - good thing they have the axe with them to go through it.

However, at some point the tree limbs are so twisted that it’s like someone braided them. And there are many layers of different twists, they find that… Unusual. They finally manage to cut through the twisted trees to find themselves in a clearing space.

It looks very much like their main camp spot, a clearing protected by the trees around it, however, in the middle they see another set for twisted trees. As they walk towards it, they hear a “shh, shh” coming from above. They look up to find a camper in pure joy to be found.

But wait a minute, @marco_port says, you’re not @thebigholder21. No, I’m @IndoSilverNFTs - he says as he gets down from the tree using the rope - but I’ve been lost for weeks now. @marco_port says, ‘so where’s the other missing camper?’

Before @IndoSilverNFTs can reply, they hear the twisted limbs in the center move and hear a weird whistle vibration and this giant creature leaves from behind it.

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