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Chapter 11 - Lights in the Sky

Atualizado: 24 de jul. de 2022

@marco_port helps @Cody2Thumbz on getting all backpacks ready and off the group goes. All Campers are off to the most exciting expedition so far.

They’ve been walking for 3h hours and the sun is setting as the Campers approach the site where their fellow camper was kidnapped with the hope to get some more clues into where he is. As night arrives, they get their flashlights and start to put up the tent and a small campfire to heat their beans. That’s when @marco_port sees a big light into the sky coming from not too far from where they are….and he knows it, that’s the flare gun the missing camper had with him.

Immediately, the explorers pack again and head straight towards the light.

The missing camper is terrified, he feels that one of his chances of escaping might have gone underwater as he’s not sure the campers were able to see his last shot. He managed to climb a tree where he could still see the cabin so he felt safe, but not for long as he didn’t have any food or water with him. The only thing he could do was to wait and hope to be found.

The humanoide, inside the cabin, senses some sort of weird light coming from the outside and gets up to check what that is.

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