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Chapter 10 - The Expedition

@Cody2Thumbz is now at the camp preparing the expedition to find their fellow camper that was taken by BF. Cody is the most experienced one and makes sure no one forgets the basics: food and water, wood axe, flashlight, binoculars, matches and a map. @hank77, the second most experienced camper at this point suggests bringing also a big rope, you know, in case they have the chance to tie Big Foot (could they really?).

They know @thebigholder21 had the flare gun with him and will probably use it at night, so they already prepare everyone for maybe more than a couple of days' expedition, hoping to see the flare gun being used.

In the meantime, @thebigholder21 managed to get on his feet and explore a bit of the surroundings where he is. In the middle of hundreds of twisted trees, he can see a cabin, with a huge humanoide inside.

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