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Chapter 1 - The first explorers

(1/7) #BFMCstory. The first explorers just left their hometowns towards the Base Camp. It's only four of them so far, the journey will be tough but they truly believe they are up for the challenge: to find BigFoot.

M is a long time camper, the one who has had the closest contact to our humanoid once when quickly spotting the large human and finding footprints close to the camp. M will lead the way throughout the woods.

AF has been studying BigFoot for years and is the most experienced one in terms of how they should approach the beast (is it, really?).

I is the contingency plan in case things go wrong, the one with most experience in handling contingencies in remote places.

A is the believer and the one who brought the team together.

Together, the first four call themselves, MAFIA.

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